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Details of our Customer Service

Company Name: R Hotel Üzemeltető Kft
Headquarters: 8600-Siófok, Erkel Ferenc u. 49.
Address: 8600-Siófok, Erkel Ferenc u. 49.
Phone: +36-84/506-840
Fax nr.: +36-84/506-839
Construction location: Residence Hotel Balaton, 8600-Siófok, Erkel Ferenc st. 49.
Management Method: to verbal inquiries in live word, for written inquiries we respond in writing.
Our colleagues are at your disposal, please contact us at any of our contacts.
Contact details
Individual request and booking Company / group request and booking Reception Massage and treatment reservation
+36-30/898-7436 +36-30/898-7434 +36-84/506-840 +36-84/506-840

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