General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

1. Service Provider’s data:
Name of the company: Aura Füred Kft.
Headquarters of company: 1022 Budapest, Fillér utca 84/a
Company registration number: 01-09-406685
VAT number: 29314704-2-41
Bank account number: 10102244-11552500-01006000
IBAN: HU0210102244-11552500-01006309

2. General rules:
2.1. This „General terms and conditions” control the using of quarters and services from
2.2. The „General terms and conditions” not includes special conditions, but they do not
lock out possibility to collect agreements with travel agencies, tour operators and on
occasion with other conditions what are appropriate to type of business.

3. Signatory
3.1. The services provided by the Service Provider are used by the Guest.
3.2. If the Guest order the services directly from the Service Provider, then the Signatory
is the Guest. The Service Provider and the Guest will be (if the conditions are realized)
contractual parties. (They are „Parties” in the following.)
3.3. In this case, if the order for the services is handed over to the Service Provider by a
third party (This is „Agent” in the following.) on behalf of the Guest, the conditions of
the cooperation shall be regulated by the contract concluded between the Service
Provider and the Agent. In this case, the Service Provider is not obliged to examine
whether the third party legally represents the Guest.
3.4.In case of using a health care service, the Guest is bound to inform the Service Provider
about his/her potential health condition, the Service Provider is bound to admonish the
Guest t the possible health risks.

4. Contractual relationship
4.1. Upon the request for proposal of Guest (orally or in writing), the Service Provider
send an offer. The sales of room depend on the available hotel capacity, the Service
Provider confirms the reservations in order of their arrival’s sequence.
4.2. The Contract shall be deemed to have been concluded upon written confirmation of
the Guest's booking by the Service Provider and shall therefore be deemed to be a
written Contract. A verbal reservation, agreement, modification, or oral confirmation
thereof by the Supplier shall not be deemed to be a Contract.
4.3. The content of the contract includes: the subject, place, duration and price of the
service. It also includes the terms of payment, cancellation, modification.
4.4. Any modification and/or addition to the Contract shall require the written agreement
signed by the Parties.

5. Hotel’s general services
5.1. Accommodation service
Types of hotel accommodation:
5.1.1. Double room: Room with two separate beds, bathroom (basin, shower, toilet) and
balcony for most rooms. Rooms can accommodate up to 1 adult or 2 children in
extra beds per room. The room measures are 24-28 m2.
5.1.2. Deluxe double room: Apartment with two rooms (bedroom + living room), double
bed, pull-out sofa, bathroom (basin, shower, toilet), balcony. Ground-space of this
room is 32 m2.
5.1.3. Suite: It is consisted of several rooms, living room, two separate bedrooms (one with
double bed, one with two single beds), wardrobe room, large size bathroom (basin,
shower, toilet, bidet), conservatory with private jacuzzi and around the room private
balcony. The size of the suite is 100 m2.
5.1.4. Standard equipment of rooms: LED Television, safe, phone, minibar, hairdryer,
towels, bathrobes for adults (for children will be provided at the reception), Wi-Fi.
Heating and cooling, air conditioning is provided during the summer season. All
rooms are non-smoking.
5.2. Hospitality
5.2.1. The hotel offers a half-board buffet breakfast and half-board dinner during the
specified opening hours. Food/drinks may be taken out of the restaurant only with
the prior permission of the restaurant manager.
5.2.2. Individual dietary requirements can be catered for by prior arrangement.
5.3. Wellness services
5.3.1. Spa services are provided in accordance with the spa rules of Aura Füred Kft. The
rules are available on the spot.
5.3.2. Wellness treatments and beauty treatments (cosmetics, massages, etc.) are available
by prior appointment. Booked services can be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to the
date of booking, after which the Service Provider may charge a cancellation fee.
5.3.3. Wellness services are available in accordance with current government regulations.
5.4. Leisure services
5.4.1. The hotel organises activities for children and adults to entertain guests. The hotel
reserves the right to change the programmes.
5.4.2. The children’s playing room is currently available for one family at a time.
5.4.3. Use of the playing room and participation in the programmes are according to the
rules of the paying room. The policy is available in the playing room.

6. Prices
6.1. The hotel room rates (Rack Rate) are shown at the hotel reception.
6.2. Price lists for other services are available in the different hotel departments (e.g.,
restaurant, wellness).
6.3. Residence Hotel Balaton is free to change its advertised prices without prior notice
unless it is committed to a specific period.
6.4. Prices include the statutory rate of value added tax (VAT) applicable at the time of
the offer. Residence Hotel Balaton will pass on to the Contracting Party, with prior
notice, any additional charges due to changes in the applicable tax law (VAT).
6.5. Tourism tax is an extra charge on top of the accommodation fee.
6.6. Current discounts, promotions and other offers are announced on

7. Terms of payment
7.1. 30% of the total amount of the hotel stay must be paid by bank transfer within 10
calendar days of the confirmation sent by the Service Provider and a copy of the
deposit voucher (with name, address, order number or VAT invoice number and
address of issue if required) must be sent to the Service Provider.
7.2. If there are 14-8 days between booking and arrival, the deposit must be paid within 3
calendar days.
7.3. If the period between booking and arrival is 7 days or less, the guest will be charged
the full amount.
7.4. In the case of special offers, the terms of payment may vary and will be set out in the
written confirmation sent to you.
7.5. In case of non-payment, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.
7.6. Accepted payment methods: cash, bank transfer, credit card, Széchenyi Pihenő Kártya
7.7. The costs associated with the use of any payment method shall be borne by the
Contracting Party or its SZÉP card/credit card.
Travel agencies / Tour operators / OTAs / Collaborating partners:
The contract with the service provider will include specific payment terms.
7.8. Voucher:
Gift vouchers can only be used within the validity period and value specified on the
voucher, subject to availability. The full value of the voucher is payable in advance.
After the redemption period, the voucher is no longer valid.

8. Cancellation policy
8.1. Cancellation of the order must always be made in writing.
8.2. The guest (customer) may cancel the reservation free of charge if he/she informs the
hotel in writing of his/her cancellation intention up to 21 days prior to arrival. Within
20 days before arrival, the cancellation fee is 30% of the reservation.
8.3. If the Contracting Party has secured the use of the accommodation services by means
of a deposit, credit card guarantee or other means provided for in the Contract and does
not arrive by 18:00 local time on the day of arrival or does not give notice in advance
that it will charge a penalty of 3 days' accommodation after that time. In this case, the
accommodation shall be reserved for the Contracting Party until 10:00 a.m. on the day
following the day of arrival, after which the Service Provider's obligation to provide
the service shall cease.
8.4. There is no refund for services (accommodation, meals, treatments, etc.) booked but
not used or modified during the Guest's stay at the hotel.
8.5. In the case of reservations of products subject to special conditions, group travel or
events, the Service Provider may set different terms and conditions from the above,
which shall be set out in an individual Contract.
8.6. The conditions for the withdrawal of the Contracting Party are based on the
Government Decree in force (45/2014 (II.26)).

9. The methods and conditions of using services
9.1. The Guest can occupy the hotel room on the day of arrival between 14:00 and 15:00
at the earliest, earlier arrival is possible upon prior arrangement.
If the room is booked before 14.00, the hotel is entitled to charge a surcharge.
As of 1 September 2021, in Hungary, all guests' personal data as defined by law must
be recorded by the accommodation provider on arrival, in a document reader or
manually, and therefore only guests with a photo ID may check in, except for children
under 14 years of age (in accordance with Government Decree 584/2021 (X. 14.) of
2021. According to the Decree, the personal data required by law (Act CLVI of 2016
on the State Tasks of the Development of Tourist Areas) may be recorded by the
accommodation establishment based on a declaration by a representative (e.g., parent,
guardian) for guests under 14 years of age.
In the event of cancellation due to legal requirements (lack of identification), the
cancellation conditions stated in the confirmation will apply.
Guests will receive a card as a room key, which requires the registration of the guest(s)
staying in the room. Registration involves the accurate completion of a registration
form and proof of the guest's identity. For stateless persons and non-EU citizens, the
presentation and handing over of a stateless card or passport is required by law.
Upon receipt of the room key, the Guest accepts the hotel's policies.
Reception opening hours: 00.00-24.00
The Guest is obliged to leave the room with his/her luggage and belongings by 10:00
a.m. on the last day of his/her stay and to return the key card received at check-in to
the reception.
The hotel is entitled to charge a surcharge for late check-out. If the room is not vacated
by 16.00 on the day of departure, the hotel will charge one full night's stay.
On the day of departure, the stay can be extended for a fee if no guests arrive that day.
The current price for the extension will be given at the reception.
Before leaving the room, please make sure that no valuables or personal belongings
are left in the room, and please remove the magnetic card from the wall holder, thus
disconnecting the power.
Any use of the in-room minibar must be reported to the reception upon check-out and
must be paid for in any case.
On the day of departure, after check-out, the wellness area is free of charge until 16.00.
During this time, a luggage room and a wellness changing room are available on
request. The bathrobe and towels provided in the room can be used and must be
returned to reception intact when leaving the hotel.
9.2. If you wish to leave the accommodation earlier than the date stated in your
reservation, you will be charged the full amount of the reservation.
You must pay for your stay in the hotel no later than the final check-out date, as specified
in the confirmation.
In the event of refusal to pay for any reason whatsoever, the hotel shall be entitled to
retain the guest's belongings brought into the hotel and to enforce its lien on them.
In case of non-payment, the hotel shall, in addition to a police report, enforce its claim
against the guest by legal action, the costs of which shall be borne by the guest.
The hotel will charge the guest's credit card for any charges incurred subsequently and
not settled (e.g., minibar consumption).
9.3. The hotel does not accept guests with infectious diseases.
9.4. Together with the completed and signed registration form, the Guest accepts the
General Terms and Conditions of Residence Hotel Balaton and the local rules
(swimming pool, playhouse) and is obliged to comply with them. The Guest is obliged
to comply with the house rules of the individual service areas (playhouse, swimming
pool). Information required during the stay is available in the room folders in the hotel
rooms. In addition, the hotel reception is at the guests' disposal 24 hours a day.
9.5. The hotel is not responsible for any damage caused by the Guest. The Hotel may
charge the Guest for any costs incurred due to intentional damage.
9.6. Accepted payment instruments, discount cards, currency exchange
Cash (Forint, Euro)
Bank card (AX, EC/MC, VI)
SZÉP card (OTP, MKB, K&H)
If you have any discount cards in addition to the above, please let us know in advance,
as we are unfortunately unable to credit discounts afterwards.
Currency exchange is not available at the hotel, but our reception staff will be happy to
provide you with information on currency exchange facilities in the city.
9.7. Guests under 18 years
Children under the age of 18 may only stay in the hotel under the constant supervision
of a parent or other person of legal capacity authorised by the parent. The person
accompanying the child is responsible for the child's safety and any damage caused by
the child.
Guests under the age of 18 may use the hotel services only if accompanied by a parent
or other person of legal capacity authorised by the parent or parent.
No alcohol is served to persons under 18 years of age on the hotel premises or at events.
9.8. Visitors
The hotel is currently closed to visitors due to the coronavirus situation.
Once the situation has been resolved, the following rules will apply:
Only guests registered at reception will be allowed in the hotel rooms. Guests are kindly
requested to receive their visitors in the lobby.
Guests are responsible for the conduct of their visitors, including any damage caused.
The hotel excludes any liability for damage caused by the visitor to the Guests and/or
third parties.
The hotel will charge a fee at the current daily rate for any guest(s) over and above the
number of guests stated in the reservation.
9.9. Pets
In selected hotel rooms, small dogs (up to 3 kg) or cats are allowed for an extra charge,
depending on occupancy.
Pets are not allowed in the hotel restaurant and wellness area.
Pets are not allowed to be left unattended in the hotel and dogs are muzzled. Only
healthy pets are allowed on the hotel premises, as evidenced by a valid vaccination book
at the time of booking and must be presented at check-in. If the animal causes damage,
the owner is fully responsible.
9.10. Parking
Free parking is available for guests and event participants in the hotel's open car park
and in the surrounding streets. Parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-served
The closed car park behind the building is available for a fee. Parking spaces are
available on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability.
The car parks must be used in accordance with the Highway Code, with a maximum
speed limit of 5 km/h.
If guests wish to use the car park, they must state the registration number of their vehicle
on the registration form at check-in. Failure or refusal to do so will result in the car park
being closed. Our guests are directly liable to the person who has caused damage to
another car parked in the car park.
9.11. Wi-Fi
The hotel has a Wi-Fi system, which is free of charge. Guests will receive the password
for WIFI connection upon check-in at the same time as they receive their key card.
The hotel cannot guarantee the continuous, uninterrupted operation and availability of
WIFI. The hotel is not liable for any direct or indirect damage to the equipment or its
contents of our guests during or because of the use of WIFI. Guests use the service at
their own risk and responsibility.
9.12. Telephone
There is a charge for using the room phone. Telephone charges are automatically
charged to the guest's room bill at the hotel surcharge, based on the provider's telephone
company rates.
The call will be charged until the call is disconnected by replacing the handset.
Calls within the hotel are free of charge.
9.13. Minibar
The minibar can only contain products sold by the hotel and inserted by hotel staff. The
minibar cannot be used for cooling or storing the guest's belongings. The consumption
of products placed in the minibar is subject to a fee. The current price list can be found
on the top of the minibar, please indicate your consumption and hand it in to our
reception staff on departure. Consumption must be paid for in all cases.
9.14. Daily cleaning service
The hotel cleans the room once a day, between 9.00 and 14.00.
During this period, if the room is being cleaned, please do not disturb us. they will not
clean the room and the guest will not be entitled to any reduction or compensation.
For environmental reasons, only towels placed on the bathroom floor will be changed.
9.15. "Please do not disturb me!" warning sign
Hotel staff will be cleaning the rooms continuously from 09:00 in the morning.
Guests are reminded of the "Please do not disturb!" warning sign on the outside
doorknob of the room door is a clear indication that hotel staff will not disturb, knock
or enter the room.
The "Please do not disturb!" will be placed on the outside handle of the front door at
their own risk and responsibility. If, on the day of your departure, hotel staff leave a
"Please do not disturb!" and do not respond to our telephone call or knock on the door,
our staff may enter the room at any time after 10.00 a.m.
In an emergency situation (e.g., fire, terrorist attack, etc.), if the hotel has no prior
telephone call or if the hotel has reasonable grounds to believe, based on the information
available to it, that the life, health, safety or property of the guest in the room is or may
be in danger and the guest does not respond to the hotel's telephone call, the hotel staff
may enter the room.
The "Please do not disturb!" The hotel is not liable for any damage or injury resulting
from improper use of the "Do not disturb" warning sign.
9.16. Children’s playing room
The children's playroom is currently available for one family at a time.
The Playroom is available for children under 6 years of age with parental supervision,
and for children aged 7-14 years on their own.
Please choose the toys in the Playroom according to your age and use them as intended.
The Playroom is kept tidy and clean, and drawing and painting is only allowed on the
designated boards and drawing board.
Children and their parents are responsible for objects placed in the Playroom. Any
intentional damage is the financial responsibility of the person causing the damage or
their parent/guardian. Please observe the appropriate behaviour and language in the
Playroom, both towards adults and children. Children using the Playroom must always
comply with the Playroom rules and regulations, a copy of which is available on the
notice board in the Playroom. To protect health, sick children or their sick adult
companions are not allowed to visit the Playroom.
Anyone who breaches this policy will be excluded from the services provided by the
Playroom and will not be allowed to use it again during their stay.

10. Meals
The restaurant is open every day from 07.00 to 22.00.
Breakfast is buffet style (self-service), with a choice of food and drinks from the
restaurant buffet. Breakfast is served from 07.00 to 10.00. During the early/late
breakfast period, hot dishes are freshly prepared to order to ensure freshness of the food.
Half-board includes breakfast and one main meal (dinner) per day, starting with dinner
on the day of arrival and ending with breakfast on the day of departure. For dinner, half
board is available from 18.30 to 21.00. (Otherwise, dinner times will be posted on the
day of dinner.) If you wish to have half board during lunch, please give at least 24 hours'
notice to our waiters. Depending on the number of guests, the half board dinner or lunch
can be a buffet or a four-course meal with a choice of menu. Drinks are not included in
the half board dinner.
The hotel offers unlimited food from the buffet table at breakfast and dinner, but no
food or drinks may be taken away for later consumption. If food and/or drink is taken
out of the breakfast room for later consumption without prior permission from the hotel,
the hotel is entitled to charge 50% of the meal price per person per meal to your bill.
Guests are kindly requested to visit our restaurant dressed appropriately for the season
and the occasion.
10.1. Food allergies
We can also provide lactose-free, vegetarian, and other dietary options. Guests are
kindly requested to inform us of any special dietary requirements prior to arrival, if
possible. Our hotel restaurant has an allergen disclosure document, which can be
found on the buffet or on our menu.
10.2. Other consumption
Food and drinks consumed on the hotel premises in addition to the basic service
(breakfast and/or dinner) can be charged to the room bill and paid for on the day of
departure. Food and drinks not purchased in the hotel can only be consumed in the hotel
room, not in public areas, restaurants, bars, wellness areas.

11. Safety
All guests are obliged to comply with the hotel's fire safety policy. In the event of a fire
alarm, you must leave the building immediately, following escape routes and taking
care of each other's safety.
Fire extinguishers are in the hotel corridors, floor by floor. In the event of fire, guests
must immediately alert the reception.
Any damage caused by the unauthorised use of the hand-held fire alarms in the hotel
building is the responsibility of the person who caused the damage or their legal
It is prohibited to store flammable or explosive materials in the hotel room, or to operate
your own coffee machine, water heater, iron, or other electrical appliances. If you need
ironing or laundry services, please contact the hotel reception.
The hotel has the right to terminate the accommodation service agreement with
immediate effect if the room (or other areas of the hotel) is not used as intended or if
the hotel's safety regulations and rules are not observed.
11.1. Electronic surveillance system in the hotel
Movement inside and outside the hotel premises is monitored by electronic surveillance
systems (cameras), which record images containing personal data. The camera system
is operated by the hotel. The purpose of the surveillance and the recording of images is
to protect the life and physical safety of persons staying in the hotel premises, as well
as the persons staying in the hotel premises and the property used by the hotel.
By entering and staying on the hotel premises, our guests consent to the processing of
their images and acknowledge the terms of this Privacy Policy.
11.2. Disorderly conduct
For the peace of mind of our guests, no loud noise, music, noisy activities, sound effects,
television, radio, etc., which disturb the room, are allowed in the hotel area after 22.00,
except for events or programmes organised or authorised by the hotel.
Any conduct or behaviour which disturbs the peace, safety, security, sense of security
or privacy of others, which is or may be considered as harassment, intimidation or
bullying is prohibited on the hotel premises, regardless of the time.
A hotel employee is entitled to warn a disorderly and/or noisy guest. The first warning
shall be free of charge, the second and third warning shall be charged to the room bill
of the warned guest in the amount of HUF 5,000 each. After the third warning, the hotel
shall be entitled to terminate the hotel contract unilaterally and with immediate effect
and to expel the guest from the hotel without any obligation to pay back and/or
The hotel shall not be liable for any damage caused by the guest's conduct to other

12. Hotel equipment
Guests are obliged to use the hotel's facilities and equipment as intended. Any damage
resulting from improper use or extra cleaning must be paid for at the hotel's request, but
no later than before departure.
The furnishings and equipment of the hotel may be removed from the hotel premises
only with the prior written consent of the hotel. Any rearrangement of the hotel room or
moving of furniture may only be carried out by a hotel employee or his/her designated
Removal of hotel property without prior written permission from the hotel is a criminal
offence and the hotel will take the necessary criminal and civil legal action.
Guests are obliged to notify the hotel of any damage to any of the hotel's equipment,
fixtures and fittings. Our guests are not entitled to repair or attempt to repair the defect
themselves. The hotel shall not be liable for any damage resulting from such an event.
The guest is responsible for the cost of the repair, which will be charged to the guest, as
evidenced by the hotel's invoice.

13. The hotel prohibits the following items:
- things classified as corrosive, flammable chemicals, or substances under existing
- substances classified as flammable and/or explosive under existing legislation,
- fireworks, firecrackers, their parts and components,
- waste, objects harmful to the environment or health,
- psychotropic substances (drugs),
- food, drink (including alcoholic beverages) not purchased in the hotel,
- particularly expensive, high-value valuables, museum objects.
The hotel may authorise in writing the introduction of non-admissible items into the
hotel premises upon prior written request of the guest.
If a guest brings a non-admissible item into the hotel without the hotel's prior written
permission, the hotel may remove or have removed the item at the guest's expense.
The hotel excludes any liability for damage caused to the item brought in without
Our guest is fully liable for all legal and financial damages and injuries caused by the
unauthorized entry to other guests, third parties or the hotel.

14. Smoking
The hotel is a non-smoking hotel. This means that smoking and the use of electric
cigarettes are prohibited in the hotel's enclosed areas (including guest rooms) and public
areas, except for designated smoking areas and private terraces of rooms.
The hotel staff is entitled to warn guests and any other person on the hotel premises to
comply with this regulation and to stop smoking or using electric cigarettes. Guests and
any other person on the hotel premises shall be obliged to comply with this regulation
and to comply with any such notice. If the hotel is fined by the competent authority
under the relevant legislation for the breach of the law by any guest or other person on
the hotel premises, the hotel shall be entitled to charge the amount of the fine to the
person who committed the breach or to demand payment of the fine.

15. Illness and death of Guest
15.1. If a guest falls ill while using the accommodation service and is unable to act on
his/her own, the hotel will offer medical assistance. The Guest shall use the offered
medical assistance at his/her own risk and responsibility. The doctor is not an
employee, agent or collaborator of the hotel, and the hotel excludes any liability for
the diagnosis, the therapy used and its consequences.
15.2. In the event of illness/death of a guest, the hotel claims reimbursement of expenses
incurred by the patient's/deceased's relatives, heirs, or bill payer in respect of any
medical and procedural expenses, the value of services used prior to the death, and
any damage to equipment and furnishings in connection with the illness/death.
In the event of a contagious illness of a guest, the hotel is entitled to terminate the
hotel contract with immediate effect without refund or compensation. In this case,
the Guest shall be obliged to leave the Hotel with his/her luggage at his/her own
expense within the period specified in the Hotel's notice of cancellation. In the event
of contagious illness, the hotel is obliged to act in accordance with Decree No.
18/1998 (VI. 3.) NM. According to the Regulation, if such a suspicion exists, the
hotel will call a doctor and the doctor will determine whether the guest is contagious.)

16. Lost and found objects
Lost property should be left at reception, where it will be registered. Food, food-related
articles, and medicines will be disposed of by the hotel. The hotel will keep the items in
storage for 3 months. If the legitimate owner of the found object presents himself, he
can collect the object by presenting and signing a document proving his identity. Post
able objects will be returned to their owner by post on request (after payment of the
postage in advance).

17. Hotel's liability for damages
Please note that the hotel cannot be held responsible for any valuables left in the room.
Please leave your valuables in the safe in your room.
In the case of larger valuables, a central safe is available free of charge at the reception
Our guests use the hotel's equipment, wellness, and other services as intended and in
full awareness of their own health, physical and mental condition, therefore the hotel
excludes any liability for damages resulting from the use of the hotel's equipment,
wellness and other services not as intended or not in accordance with the guest's actual
health, physical and mental condition.
The Guest may request a wake-up call at his/her own risk, which is a gesture of attention
on the part of the Hotel and is not part of the contractual service of the Hotel. The hotel
shall not be liable for any damage resulting from failure to provide the requested wake-
up call or from a delay in providing the wake-up call.

18. Refusal to perform the contract, termination of the service obligation
18.1. The Service Provider is entitled to terminate the Accommodation Service
Contract with immediate effect and thus refuse to provide the services if:
18.1.1. the Guest does not make proper use of the room or facilities provided
18.1.2. the Guest behaves in an unacceptable manner regarding the security, order and
safety of the accommodation, its staff, is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, is
threatening, abusive or otherwise unacceptable
18.1.3. the Guest is suffering from a infectious disease.
18.1.4. the Contracting Party fails to fulfil its obligation to pay the deposit provided for in
the Contract by the specified date
18.2. If the contract between the parties is not fulfilled for reasons of "vis major", the
contract will be terminated.

19. Placement guarantee
19.1. If the Service Provider is unable to provide the services provided for in the
Contract due to its own fault (e.g., overloading, temporary operational problems, etc.),
it is obliged to provide accommodation for the Guest without delay.
19.1.1. The Service Provider shall: to provide/offer the services provided for in the Contract, at the price confirmed
therein, for the period specified therein or until the impediment ceases, in another
accommodation of the same or a higher category. All additional costs of providing
substitute accommodation shall be borne by the Service Provider. provide the Guest with a free telephone call to inform him/her of a change of
accommodation to provide the Guest with a free transfer to the offered alternative
accommodation and any subsequent move back
19.1.2. If the Service Provider fully complies with these obligations or if the Guest accepts
the substitute accommodation offered to him/her, the Contracting Party may not
claim any subsequent compensation.

20. Rights of the Contracting Party
20.1. Under the Contract, the Guest is entitled to use the room booked and the facilities
of the accommodation for the purpose intended, which are included in the normal range
of services and are not subject to special conditions.
20.2. The Guest may lodge a complaint about the performance of the services provided
by the Service Provider during the stay. During this period, the Service Provider
undertakes to deal with any complaint which is submitted to it (or recorded by it) and
which is verified in writing.
20.3. The Guest's right to lodge a complaint expires after departure from the

21. Obligations of the Contracting Party
21.1. The Contracting Party shall pay the consideration for the services ordered in the
Contract by the date and in the manner specified in the Contract.
21.2. The Guest shall ensure that any child under the age of 18 who is under the
responsibility of the Guest is only under the supervision of an adult.
21.3. Guests are not allowed to bring their own food and drink into the catering
facilities of the hotel.

22. The rights of the Service Provider
If the Guest fails to meet his/her obligation to pay the fees for the services used or
ordered in the Contract but not used, the Service Provider shall be entitled to a lien on
the Guest's personal property that he/she has brought with him/her to the hotel to secure
his/her claims.

23. The Service Provider's obligations
The Service Provider shall:
23.1. to provide accommodation and other services ordered under the contract in
accordance with the applicable regulations and service standards
23.2. investigate the guest's written complaint and take the necessary steps to resolve
the problem, which must be recorded in writing

24. The Service Provider's liability for damages:
24.1. The Service Provider is liable for any damage caused to the Guest within its
facilities due to the fault of the Service Provider or its employees.
24.2. The Service Provider's liability does not extend to damage caused by an
unavoidable cause beyond the control of the Service Provider's employees and guests or
caused by the guest himself.
24.3. The Service Provider may designate places in the hotel where the Guest is not
allowed to enter. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damage or injury
caused in such places.
24.4. The Guest must immediately report the damage to the hotel and provide the hotel
with all the necessary information to clarify the circumstances of the damage, possibly
for the police report/police procedure.
24.5. The Service Provider is liable for valuables, securities, and cash only if the item
has been expressly accepted for safekeeping.
24.6. The Service Provider is not responsible for any personal belongings left in the
public areas or rooms of the Service Provider (including items and objects placed in the
room safe).
24.7. The Service Provider shall not be liable for valuables left in a vehicle in the
Service Provider's closed car park, and the Service Provider shall investigate any
damage caused to parked vehicles and compensate for any damage caused by its
24.8. The maximum amount of compensation is fifty times the daily room rate under
the Contract unless the damage is less.

25. Consumer protection, data protection
25.1. The Service Provider attaches great importance to the protection of personal data
in its activities. In all cases, the personal data provided to it shall be processed in
compliance with the applicable legislation, shall ensure their security, shall take the
technical and organisational measures, and shall establish the procedural rules necessary
to comply with the applicable legislation.
25.2. The Service Provider summarizes its policy on data management in a separate
Privacy Policy, which is permanently available on
tajekoztato-html/, and the content of which it acknowledges as binding. The Privacy
Policy also contains information notices for each processing operation.
25.3. The notary of the town of Siófok and the Somogy County Consumer Protection
Inspectorate exercise professional supervisory rights over the service provider's

26. Vis major
Any cause or circumstance (for example, war, fire, flood, adverse weather, power
failure, strike) over which a party has no control (force majeure) shall relieve either
party from performing its obligations under the Contract for so long as such cause or
circumstance exists. The Parties agree to use their best endeavours to minimise the
possibility of such causes or circumstances occurring and to remedy any damage or
delay caused thereby as soon as possible.

27. Law applicable to the relationship between the parties, competent court
The legal relationship between the Service Provider and the Contracting Party shall be
governed by the provisions of the Hungarian Civil Code. Any dispute arising out of the
service contract shall be settled by the court having jurisdiction in the place where the
service is provided.

28. Covid measures
In view of the current situation, we have prepared a special information sheet on the
coronavirus, please read it here!

Siófok, 01.10.2022